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As usual, I’m speachless of all of these beautiful polishes. Vanessa, you did it again! It covers in coats. LYNX It’s a cold toned weird green almost like a teal, but not quite jelly base with holo dust and violet shimmer. It’s one of my favorites, I love that base color with the shimmer so much! It covers in 3 coats. It has a dusty purple base color when it’s cold and it turns into a light turquoise when it’s warm. It has a turquoise shimmer. It’s not the most dramatic color change, but finally a thermal that I like both of it’s color.

Satellite eye on Earth: February 2017 – in pictures

Here’s the wrap up of what I did manicure wise this year. Number of manicures- Not quite 2 a week, gotta get better in , lol! Here’s how I determined my favorites- when I put them on and I just hated to take them off!

( in Costa Rica, in Ixtapa, Mexico, and in Punta Cana, Mexico) This year BelAmi brought many of its models to the event: Kevin Warhol, Nils Tatum, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Niko Vangelis, Paul Cassidy, Sven Basquiat, Niccolo Neri, Noah Cavill, and Tristan McLeod.

The Holo Hookup August To be honest, before I was asked to swatch the August polishes I hadn’t even heard of the Holo Hookup. Yes I may be living under a rock, but in all fairness there is so many new polish brands, Facebook groups and subscription box types of things it’s hard to keep up. Anyway, I always love trying out new things so I naturally said yes to swatching the August polishes.

The theme for this month is Tea Party. We all know I love holographic polishes with flakies and this one is a really pretty one. The formula is great and is opaque in two coats.

Building the KReduCNC Spindle Hookup

If you don’t know what a “siterip” is, here’s a brief rundown: We don’t believe in piracy, we believe in giving people what they want and we believe in doing it for free. The siterips that you see here are all excusive, we want to share them with the world because they deserve to be shared. First and foremost, we wanted to give you the perfect porn watching experience from the technical standpoint. The XXX content here is accessible, you can clearly see what’s happening on there and whether or not you will find it hot.

The download speed here is incredible, it’s lightning-fast for our proud members from all over the world.

reviewed: February 22, categories: Downblouse, Amateurs, Big Tits, Softcore, Teasing, British, Voyeur, JOI, Upskirts, Panties Amateur UK girls do stuff .

Soon, however, mixed reality software being developed at the University of Cambridge in Great Britain may allow inspectors to do their work from the comfort of an office — and without interrupting traffic. According to Ioannis Brilakis, lecturer and leader of the team, the prototype software uses actual data collected from a local Cambridge bridge. After that data is ported into the Bridge Inspector app, engineers wearing HoloLenses can inspect the bridge without leaving the office.

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras are, Brilakis said, a promising solution. The problem is that drones are not currently allowed to fly over vehicle traffic in Great Britain, which means collecting data by drones often means closing roadways. The team is also developing an Automated Progress Monitoring app that processes structure data into four-dimensional models that construction engineers wearing HoloLens can superimpose on the real structure.

In addition to allowing engineers to visually inspect construction progress, building elements that are missing are automatically marked in the model as behind schedule. Brilakis said both apps currently being developed also offer a lot of potential for training inspectors. According to Brilakis, Trimble is not only funding the research, but there is an expectation that the Ph.

He said the university is establishing a commercialization unit with Trimble in Cambridge that will sponsor the graduates for approximately two years as they work to refine the applications. Posted by Patrick Marshall on Feb 14, at 1:

A little bit of this and that

For those not aware, I track all my active development, future development, and feature requests on trello here: There have been some long standing bugs like the equalizer not applying on startup or the bass boost not being applied until you toggled it off and on that I really hope will not be present in this rewrite. My original intent with 3. I am also a much better engineer than I was back then so being able to completely redo entire systems has led to a much more efficient and easier to maintain baseline.

The downside is that its taking much more time than I originally planned.

Hookup Lures. What a fun day with a bunch of great people. We want to thank everyone that came out for our first of many all Hookup Baits school fishing Charter aboard the Sea Star.

This is a place for swatches and reviews of all types! How was your weekend? As usual mine was way more uneventful than I would like to admit. Now you get 2 scenic pics! My father has a gorgeous yard so I went and did a nature photo shoot. I am going to do a quick summary of my experience with these then I will show the pics.

I want to keep this short for you since there are quite a few pics. Four of these are cremes.

Service Station Hookup Turns Exhibitionist

Inspired by Mae West, it’s described as a “black linear holographic with red and purple shimmer and silver galaxy glitters. Incredibly minute silver galaxy glitters sprinkle the look with twinkling prismatic sparks, a glamorous touch that I find utterly enchanting. This polish is powerfully holographic, displaying a linear prismatic flare to some degree in almost every circumstance.

It is downright dazzling in the sun — brilliant, delineated arcs in all of the rainbow colors framing a central lick of silvery mauve and shading to charcoal at the sidewalls of the nail. The consistency of Mae is fluid, creamy and very smooth with a medium viscosity and a nearly effortless, buttery, self-leveling glide over the nail. It’s one of those formulas that inspires a flush of gratitude for its tractability and is just a joy to work with.

February 13, am How-to: Spectator View, a new tool to help others see what you see in HoloLens. By Brandon Bray / Principal Program Manager Share Tweet Share Share Skype. Hello everyone! I wanted to take a quick moment to announce an exciting new tool we have developed to help bring to life the apps and experiences you have created.

How old are you? NYC Highest education received: Atheist How religious are you? Heterosexual How many sexual partners have you had in your life including oral sex? Hottie How long ago did this hookup happen? Same as current status How would you best classify this hookup? One-night stand How long did you know the person before this hookup? What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did you feel about them before the hookup? Handsome Israeli man of average build years-old, a resident at a local hospital, just recently became a doctor.

I met with him once for drinks before inviting him to my place a week later.

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I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this week. You may have seen stuff about Oroville Dam and its damaged spillway s in the news recently. Well, my town is downriver from the dam, and there has basically been an evacuation order downgraded to an advisory in effect for the entire past week, just in case the already full river breeches the levees and causes a massive flood.

Badoinkvr presents Piper Perri in Jack and Poke – (MP4, 2K UHD, ×) Hologirlsvr presents Holly Hendrix, Piper Perri in Action Is A Go – Extended Cut – .

Our caring crew will assist and instruct you in snorkeling—relax, float, and watch the comings and goings of the aquatic world. After snorkeling, enjoy a gourmet deli-style buffet lunch. Choose from a variety of deli meats, cheeses, veggies and breads to make your sandwich a work of art! Also included are pasta and fresh fruits. Assorted soft drinks are served throughout the tour, with beer and wine served after snorkeling. While you are eating we talk story about the island, the people and history of Niihau.

We pride ourselves on creating fun and memorable ocean adventures for our guests. Your safety is our top priority; therefore, all tour routes, destinations and snorkeling activities are dependent on ocean and weather conditions. Conditions around Kauai can change quickly, so our expert captains are constantly analyzing and may wait until check-in time to determine the best route for the day.

Hologirlsvr presents Piper Perri in Dorm Room Debauchery – 14.07.2017 (MP4, 2K UHD, 2880×1440)

February is one of my favorite months of the year! It’s short and sweet and it has several special occasions peppered throughout my late grandfather’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. So, it’s such a wonderful surprise when you can totally relate to a February launch. Today, I’m talking about The Holo Hookup box for February gloriously celebrating all things beauty, namely beloved cosmetic products!

Could a beauty blogger ask for anything more?! Here’s a little peek at their inspiration pic!

Hologirlsvr presents Piper Perri in Dorm Room Debauchery – Synopsis: You’ve snuck in to the girls dorm for a quick rendezvous with your girlfriend. You must not draw attention to yourself or the Dean will punish both of you.

Adaptations[ edit ] A novelization by Mur Lafferty , Solo: A Star Wars Story: It includes scenes from alternate versions of the film’s script. Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. At World’s End in The website’s critical consensus reads, “A flawed yet fun and fast-paced space adventure, Solo:

Swatch With Me: January Holo Hookup Box