She has also worked in collaboration with Starbucks. As a Singer Lauren Riihimaki aspires to create her own album. She has shared a few music videos relevant to her vlogging on her channel. Personal Trainer Lauren does not have a personal trainer, but she has a few tricks of her own in maintaining her beautiful physique. She has uploaded some of her workout videos on her channel, sharing some of her favorite exercises. In her videos, she shares her cardio and abs exercises , advising her fans to warm up before starting the workout. Apart from that, Lauren has been an athlete in her school days. She is a certified piano teacher. Lauren was active in sports and took lessons in swimming and skating.

Who Is Alex Wassabi of Wassabi Productions? His Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Early life[ edit ] Lilly Singh was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. She has an older sister named Tina Singh born , who is also a Youtuber. Pearson Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She has explained that the name Superwoman was prompted by a childhood idea that she had an invisible “S” on her chest, making her believe she can do anything. Punjabi culture is frequently portrayed in her videos, which also contain satirical takes on everyday life and people’s favorite complaints.

She used it as a second channel to upload videos until August , when she began uploading daily vlogs.

Dating Alex Wassabi I just managed to get a skin that looked almost like her.

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Alex Wassabi Net Worth

Alex was born and bred in Lexington, Kentucky. Is rise to fame can be attributed to both luck and hard work. Like other You Tube stars, he first started out on Vine. His first Vine video was posted on May 1st

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Are they still together? Wassabi met Lauren Riihimaki in Soon, the two began dating and became inseparable. The couple lived together in a rented apartment in Los Angeles. Pinterest However, later that year, rumors started spreading about their break up when Lauren tweeted: The pair worked things out and they again started their journey together.

Dating Alex Wassabi I just managed to get a skin that looked almost like her.

By the time we arrived it’s was 2: Alex my boyfriend who I am currently dating which is kept as a secret volunteered to help me carry my luggage. It was necessary For a 3: We looked for our seats in first class Alex and I was paired with each other and Yousef was sat next us in the middle lane. Soon later I then realised that this was a 20 hours trip. Alex’s POV- Lauren had laid her head on my shoulder as she was snoozing away mean while Yousef and I were taking selfies and video blogging one another for our channels.

We really didn’t listen even though it was for our safety but Yousef and I are rebels so. We started to get quite and we both had many things do I started to edit my Vlogs and after a while I got pretty tired so I dozed of to sleep. Hours later I woke up and we were 12 hours away from arriving and Lauren was awake and posting a bunch of selfies on her Instagram and Yousef was still editing. Yousef’s POV I’ve been sitting and editing my videos for hours now and I think it’s time i should head to sleep as its is only 11 am in the morning but all I could think about is Lauren and how Hot she is but not in a creepy way.

I Am now currently walking to the bathroom after so much Starbucks and water before the trip and I feel like I’m going to fill the toilet and it will over flow but oh well. As I finished Lauren was outside the door waiting and she went in and I stood outside waiting for her so we could have a quick chat as we haven’t spoke that much to one another.

Lauren Riihimaki Wiki, Age, Height, Married, Boyfriend, Dating

The two started their relationship as friends, but everyone already saw their chemistry! The more they spend time together, the more they fell in love. And in November , the two officially confirmed their relationship! We mean, just look at how they make each other smile! They went to a lot of trips together already which made for the most epic travel vlogs!

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What it is what it be what it do doe. He is one of the most humorous and hilarious Youtube personalities out there and that is why he has received so much fame and success. What about the dating life of the vlogger, who is his girlfriend? Alex Wassabi is successful, hilarious and hot so he must be boyfriend goals for a lot of his fans out there. However, they might have to reconsider their fantasies of a relationship as he is already dating someone.

His girlfriend as many of his followers may already know is the famous fellow Youtube star Lauren Riihimaki. The details of their relationship are still intact but they have only been seen together since mid Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki. Pinterest Lauren Riihimaki is an accomplished Youtube personality herself having more than 6. She even has more than 3.

Laurdiy And Alex Wassabi

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He has two brothers named Andrew and Aaron, who became popular web video stars later on. He also has a sister, Mariah, and a niece, Malaya, aka Princess Gorgeous. Other than having the YouTube channel, Wassabi Productions that has more than nine million subscribers, he also has a personal twitter and a vine account, having his very first vine made on May 1, He formerly did parodies with Roi in the past, having their most popular video of all, “Call me maybe”-Richard and Rolanda parody with over 80 million views in just two years.

He still makes skits and parodies, but with other people having Roi cameo once in a while. Roi used to be Alex’s best friend but the past is in the past.

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The couple was in a relationship with each other after they started dating in She and her boyfriend, Alex were savoring their time together and were opened to give a glimpse of their relationship with their social media fans. Pouring his heartfelt of expression, he thanked his well-wisher for supporting him and Lauren for a long time.

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