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This event is brought to you by Unibet. A Melbourne Cup veteran who’s attended 25 consecutive Cups, Russell will be giving us the lowdown on how to get the most out of Cup Week, including Spring Racing etiquette and all the must-see-and-do things in Melbourne. Shaun, on the other hand, will be drawing on a lifetime of wagering, corporate bookmaking and form analysis experience in order to give attendees some hot tips on how to make their Melbourne Cup punting experience profitable! A tailor from our good friends at Rochefort will be on hand to provide attendees with suit measurements and chat about this year’s Spring Racing looks, with one lucky reader winning a tailored blazer on the night. And of course it wouldn’t be an AskMen event without something sophisticated to sip on, which is why there will also be a whisky tasting and whisky cocktails thanks to Diageo. RSVP below for your chance to attend. Simply answer the following question in 25 words or less:

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At home with Jonathan Oxer. Asher Moses March 4, Some people are born with a chip on their shoulder, but Jonathan Oxer’s chip is surgically embedded in his left arm. The year-old from Melbourne’s outer-east never has to worry about forgetting his keys because the tiny chip, typically used to tag pets, opens his front door.

Emo Scene is a totally free emo dating site aimed at making it easier for single emos and punks to meet and get to know each other. If you’re in to the emo scene join up .

What is the correct plural of conundrum? It seems obvious really. Contrary to what one might think, it is not a Latin word, and is described in my dictionary as ‘Ety. But it ain’t, so it isn’t. That the OED gives it as ‘conundrums’ is no surprise – in an age when even the BBC refers to “stadiums” and “forums”, perhaps those authorities which were once held to be sacred and invoilate can no longer be depended upon to maintain standards.

Phillip Moreland, Durham, England No, those authorities describe the language at the time they were written. Insisting on giving Latin and Greek words that have become part of the English language their generic plurals is mindless pendantry divorced from simple communication. For instance, ‘agenda’ is a singular in English but derives from the plural of a Latin gerundive.

If you have five meetings you have five agendas. Wake up and smell the English!

Busy Philipps Claims “Bully” James Franco Assaulted Her On ‘Freaks And Geeks’ Set

It’s home to Mission Control, which has been the trusted voice in the ear of US astronauts since the Gemini program. As such Johnson isn’t completely open to the public, but Space Center Houston next door offers a slice of space history which includes tours into Johnson. The tour also takes you to Rocket Park where you’ll see Wernher von Braun’s dreams brought to life in the Redstone rocket which carried the Mercury astronauts into space.

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Some of these girls will be with their husbands of boyfriends, yet many of them appear single, either alone or with their female travelling partners, or their mothers and fathers! Of course, Japanese girls are just one of the many types of Oriental beauties to be found here: Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean chicks also abound.

Recently the Australian government signed a working holiday deal with Vietnam, so you can add Vietnamese girls into the mix. Many foreigners on an extended stay work in tourist facilities in the city, or relax here after completing the backpacker route from Melbourne or Sydney.. I am not a pick-up guru by any means but I do understand how Japanese women think, having lived in Tokyo for 10 years.

I know what makes them tick, you might say. This site is devoted to finding and meeting Japanese girls in Cairns, both offline, and on. I will point out some of the places to go, and how to introduce yourself. Before I go on to talk about some of places where you can find hot girls, I want to say this.

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The name on Wozniak’s birth certificate is “Stephan Gary Wozniak”, but Steve’s mother said that she intended it to be spelled “Stephen”, which is what he uses. Before focusing his attention on Apple, he was employed at Hewlett-Packard HP where he designed calculators. Jobs and Wozniak became friends when Jobs worked for the summer at HP, where Wozniak too was employed, working on a mainframe computer.

The highly prized smelly Durian has been the culprit for gas leak scares in the past. Apparently it tastes good enough for people to keep bringing it into public places.

Phil Carrick May 15, While female students are forging ahead in maths and science, they are resisting the leap into the IT boys’ club, reports Lisa Mitchell. Last year, just 13 year 12 girls were enrolled across two IT subjects, down from 47 in It is a trend not just statewide but worldwide, educators say. While young women are trampling blokes in the scramble for seats in the formerly male-dominated fields of law and medicine, it seems they can’t be dragged into the blokey world of computing.

The proportion of females enrolled in IT studies at Australian tertiary institutions peaked at Teachers, tertiary institutions and education authorities, keenly aware of the imbalance, are offering a plethora of programs to try to lure young women into the industry. IT advocacy groups say opportunities abound for women in the sector, but research shows special tactics are needed to encourage females to grasp the mantle of Geek Girl.

The challenge, they say, is for the industry to erase the image of tedious days spent keyboard tapping in Nerdsville. The reality is there’s heaps of teamwork, buckets of big project teams

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Melbourne Daniel Andrews has had better weeks in his three years as Victorian Premier. The damning finds of ombudsman Deborah Glass that Labor MPs wrongly employed field organisers as electorate officers in the successful election is damaging — nothing angers punters more than taxpayer funds being used for political benefit. But it’s not that simple. As highlighted by many this week, Ms Glass’s use of “artifice” is damning. This is not just some oversight. Labor ministers and backbenchers are not thrilled with the week and are bracing for another onslaught when Parliament sits next week.

Star Nomad is a top-down retro-scifi 2D sandbox spacesim. It was created as a tribute to classic spacesims of old. If you are a fan of these games, then you’re in for a nostalgic ride!/5().

Death, heartbreak, along with love and success keep the series going. As one of the longest running shows in TV history, the show has had a lot of phenomenal cast members. Anne Charleston Madge Bishop Anne Charleston played the first major matriarch character, of Madge Bishop, from , and then again from She believed he had drowned at sea. However, 5 years later she got a phone call that said Harold is alive, and he had suffered from amnesia.

They moved back to Ramsay Street. She briefly made an appearance again in as an apparition. She landed various roles on TV shows and in live stage productions.

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The name on Wozniak’s birth certificate is “Stephan Gary Wozniak”, but Steve’s mother said that she intended it to be spelled “Stephen”, which is what he uses. Before focusing his attention on Apple, he was employed at Hewlett-Packard HP where he designed calculators. Jobs and Wozniak became friends when Jobs worked for the summer at HP, where Wozniak too was employed, working on a mainframe computer.

The Refuge also hosts Geek Trivia nights with prizes galore. Basement 28 Little Lonsdale Street, underneath Games Laboratory, Melbourne VIC Australia Save to wishlist.

The dating app is primarily a hot or not style swiping game, in which members must match to communicate, but rather than allowing either party to get the conversation rolling which in present-day online dating times is still primarily an activity men are tasked with , on Bumble women must initiate the conversation — a key feature that both makes the app stand out in the crowded hookup app ecosystem, and has attracted a large female user-base.

Depending on how much control you like to have over your online dating experience , the dating app is either a godsend, or something that can be frustrating. Navigating the site is pretty simple. You swipe right or left to show interest and when two people like each other a match is created. Connections are conveniently color coded, such as red for expiring connections and green for BFF connections.

Men have the option to extend one match per day for an additional hours in hopes the woman will initiate a conversation.

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It is a must read for all those interested in the early history of Tasmania. In the early days of settlement in Australia, convicts sentenced to death were hanged. Initially executions were held publicly, as the spectacle of seeing criminals swing was believed to be an excellent deterrent to others. In February , however three convicts mounted the scaffold at Sarah Island. They kicked their shoes off, laughed and shouted goodbye to the cheering comrades.

The authorities were not amused and the gallows at Hobart town were moved inside the Murray Street gaol The bodies of executed criminals were sometimes suspended from Gibbets to deter others from criminal behaviour.

Sep 21,  · I dunno but I’d feel weird dating someone older than my mother. I’m the same age as you OP and I’d probably say I’m dating a 19 yr old atm so that’s on the opposite end lol.

November 25, iStock Fruitcake is a shelf-stable food unlike any other. One Ohio family has kept the same fruitcake uneaten except for periodic taste tests since it was baked in So what is it that makes fruitcake so freakishly hardy? It comes down to the ingredients. Fruitcake is notoriously dense. That keeps bacteria from developing on the cake.

Geek Love: Ep. 2 — Faux Real? Beauty Is The Geek! (Casey Anne)